Strengthening muscles and slimming the figure

Strengthen your muscles, reduce resistant body fat and sculpt your physique!

Do you want to get rid of body fat, shape your silhouette or further enhance and sculpt your muscles? The treatment, thanks to electromagnetic stimulation and activation of muscle contractions, allows slimming, modelling, strengthening of the muscles of the buttocks, abdomen, arms, hips and legs. During a session, 20,000-60,000 muscle contractions occur in the selected area! The effects of a series of treatments are: tension, muscle strengthening and fat reduction, without any discomfort!


30-50 minutes

number of treatments


of recovery

Does not require


Does not require


2-3 days
The number of treatments is determined at the time of the free holistic consultation at Arcadia Clinic, based on an interview with the patient and an agreed treatment plan.

Areas of treatment


Indications for treatment

Muscle building and sculpting
Body shaping
Skin firming
Reduction of fat tissue
Increasing muscle endurance
Muscle atrophy, including: after a broken limb or after convalescence in a plaster cast

Effects of treatment

Reduction of fat tissue in selected parts of the body
Strengthening, toning and expanding muscles
Body shaping
Skin firming
modelwanie sylwetki kraków arcadia clinic zabłocie

Course of treatment at Arcadia Clinic

The treatment requires no special preparation.


Prior to any aesthetic medicine or cosmetology treatment performed at Arcadia Clinic, a free holistic consultation with our experts is carried out each time. During the meeting, the specialist will take a detailed health history, diagnose your skin condition and suggest the best treatment plan for your skin. In addition, during the consultation you can ask about other issues important to you.


During the treatment, the Schwarze heads are pinned to the treatment area. They trigger a supramaximal muscle contraction (up to 20-60,000 muscle contractions per session).


The treatment does not activate sensory neurons and the electrodes have been additionally equipped with a cooling system. This makes the treatment painless.

Postoperative recommendations

Intensive exercise is not recommended for 24 hours after the procedure


Status epilepticus, seizure disorders
Broken skin continuity in the treatment area
Stimulators, electronic implants, hearing aids
Active bleeding disorders, Graves' disease
Age under 18
Inguinal and umbilical hernia
Metal implants
Inflammation in the body
Pregnancy and breastfeeding

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Fat reduction Krakow

Do you want to get rid of stubborn fat? Are you looking for a slim figure and firm skin? The treatment will give you the effect of reduced body fat regardless of your age or gender!

The treatment uses electromagnetic stimulation to strengthen muscles, shape and firm the body. The Krakow treatment triggers intense contractions for in-depth muscle stimulation, with 20,000-60,000 muscle contractions occurring during a single visit, which can be compared to performing around 800 tummy tucks.

Muscle strengthening

Want to further strengthen or tone your muscles? The body shaping and resistant fat tissue reduction treatment at Arcadia Clinic Krakow allows you to strengthen selected body parts. During one session, you will obtain the following effects: tension, muscle building and fat burning.

If you are looking for a way to increase the endurance of your muscles and thinking about building and sculpting your silhouette, it will be an ideal way to model your body. The non-invasive and safe treatment requires no recovery period and is a great complement to body modelling therapies.

How do you get rid of cellulite?

Not sure how to get rid of cellulite? Opt for a modern cellulite treatment at Arcadia Clinic Krakow. This safe method is the best way to strengthen muscles and reduce fat.

The pain-free treatment at Arcadia Clinic means a modelled silhouette after just one session, during which cellulite is reduced and skin firmness is increased. With the help of electromagnetic stimulation, muscle contractions are activated, and this allows for slimming and strengthening of the muscles of the buttocks, abdomen, hips, legs and arms.