PCA Skin

A non-invasive treatment to care for your skin

PCA Skin Laboratory is a leading manufacturer of professional therapeutic treatments and skincare products. PCA Skin is recognised as the creator of some of the most innovative and advanced chemical peels. The brand has been on the market for thirty years, basing its activities on medical and cosmetological knowledge and modern technology.

At Arcadia Clinic Krakow, we offer a wide range of treatments using PCA Skin products. Our treatments are tailored to skin problems such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, grey skin, fatigue or acne. Each treatment is non-invasive and completely safe. Preparations are individually selected to suit the client’s needs, ensuring professionalism and complete satisfaction with the service.


30-60 minutes

number of treatments


of recovery

Does not require


Does not require


2-4 weeks
The number of treatments is determined individually during the free holistic consultation at Arcadia Clinic on the basis of an interview with the patient and an agreed treatment plan

PCA Skin treatment areas


Anti-ageing therapy for mature skin

Anti-ageing therapy for mature skin is a concentrated treatment for anyone whose complexion needs rejuvenation. The treatment smooths, reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It also brightens and evens skin tone through increased cellular exchange. The treatment envelops the skin, protecting it from oxidation and providing the antioxidants it needs.

Indications for treatment: Effects:
– facial wrinkles, fine lines

– loss of skin density

– dry and dehydrated skin

– photoageing

– skin texture compensation

– reduction of wrinkles and fine lines

– reduction of skin tone

– brightening

Cleansing therapy for acne-prone skin

If you are struggling with problematic skin, benefit from a cleansing therapy for acne-prone skin with PCA Skin products at Arcadia Clinic. The treatment has both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It cleanses the skin quickly and effectively, unblocks dilated sebaceous gland outlets and prevents recontamination. The therapy is individually tailored to the problem and therefore provides the best results, taking care of all the skin’s needs.

Indications for the treatment: Results:
– seborrhoeic and combination skin

– acne lesions

enlarged pores and excessive keratosis

– post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

– thorough skin cleansing

– reduction of blemishes

– smoothing of skin texture and reduction of the visibility of pores

Brightening therapy for skin with hyperpigmentation

Struggling with hyperpigmentation? Use a brightening therapy for skin with hyperpigmentation with PCA Skin products. The brightening therapy allows you to lighten hyperpigmentation of different origins while preventing the formation of new ones. The therapy evens out skin tone by inhibiting melanogenesis, the process of melanin formation responsible for skin tone.

In addition, the treatment prevents yellowing of the skin associated with the glycation process, i.e. the destruction of fibrillar proteins, including collagen, which provides the skin with elasticity and resilience.

Indications for treatment: Effects:
– post-sun, hormonal, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

– photoageing

– hyperpigmentation

– smoker’s skin

– grey, dull complexion

– even skin tone

– brightening

– reduction of discolouration

– protection against yellowing of the skin

– hydration

Soothing therapy for sensitive skin with a disturbed hydrolipidic barrier

The soothing therapy performed at Arcadia Clinic is dedicated to people who have sensitive skin with a disturbed hydrolipid barrier. The therapeutic treatment provides the skin with nutrients and antioxidants, helping to reduce water loss and improving the skin’s barrier function. The therapy will soothe even the most challenging skin struggling with seborrhoeic and atopic inflammation and psoriasis. The treatment controls and combats irritation, leaving the skin fully hydrated and calmed.

Indications for treatment: Effects:
– sensitive skin

– dry and dehydrated skin

– damaged hydrolipidic barrier

– pregnancy and lactation

– skin undergoing dermatological treatment

– alleviation of irritation

– regulation of the hydrolipidic skin barrier

– reduction of redness and irritation

– combating itching and flaking of the skin

– smoothing and soothing

Calming therapy for vascular or rosacea skin

The calming therapy is dedicated to those dealing with rosacea and vascular skin. Based on PCA Skin products, the treatment restores the skin’s protective functions while reducing sensitivity and redness. The treatment calms inflammation and persistent erythema. Bespoke products with specially selected active ingredients bring long-lasting relief to sensitive and reddened skin.

Indications for treatment: Effects:
– rosacea

– vascular spider veins

– erythema

– thin and sensitive skin

– relief of irritation

– reduction of redness and irritation

– smoothing and soothing

– evenness of the overall skin tone

– suppression of erythema and inflammation

Detoxifying therapy for polluted and seborrhoeic skin

Detoxifying therapy with PCA Skin products will be ideal for owners of polluted and seborrhoeic skin. The treatment effectively cleanses the skin, absorbs excess sebum and impurities from the skin’s surface. It also tightens the dilated sebaceous glands and prevents their contamination. The treatment provides immediate results and long-lasting purifying benefits.

Indications for treatment: Effects:
– oily and impure skin

– enlarged pores

– excessive keratosis

– uneven skin texture

– dull, sallow complexion

– smoker’s skin

– deep skin cleansing

– reduces the appearance of pores

– reduction of excess sebum

– smoothing and moisturising

– even skin texture

Antioxidant therapy for dull skin

Has your skin lost its radiance? Benefit from a customised therapeutic treatment with PCA Skin products at Arcadia Clinic. The antioxidant components of antioxidant therapy interact with the free radicals responsible for accelerated skin ageing, neutralising them and preventing their damaging effects. By stimulating microcirculation, oxygenation of the tissues is achieved, allowing the skin to regain its radiance. The advanced combination of active ingredients stimulates the regeneration of degraded elastin and collagen fibres and increases the level of glycosaminoglycans in the skin.

Indications for treatment: Effects:
– smoker’s skin

– skin devoid of radiance

– hypoxic skin

– dry, thin skin

– photoageing

– first signs of ageing

– moisturised and purified skin

– restoration of natural radiance

– even skin texture

Treatment with PCA Skin cosmetics

Prior to a therapeutic treatment with PCA Skin therapeutic cosmetics at Arcadia Clinic, skin peels should be discontinued up to two weeks before the planned treatment. The skin should not be freshly tanned. Make sure you are properly hydrated before your planned treatment.


Before any aesthetic medicine or cosmetology treatment performed at Arcadia Clinic, a free holistic consultation with our experts is carried out each time. During the meeting, the specialist will take a detailed health history, diagnose your skin condition and suggest the best treatment plan for your skin. In addition, during the consultation you can ask about other issues important to you.


The first step of the treatment is a thorough cleansing with PCA Skin products adapted to your skin type. The skin is then toned with a special cosmetic that lowers its pH.


The next stage is the application of a therapeutic mask individually selected to meet the skin’s needs.


The next step is to carry out a tailor-made therapeutic treatment using PCA Skin products


Finally, a special product is applied to the face to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment and a cream individually selected to suit the skin’s needs.

Postoperative recommendations

Up to 72 hours after the treatment, avoid contact with hot air or steam (e.g. sauna, steam baths)

Throughout the duration of the therapeutic treatment with PCA Skin products at Arcadia Clinic and a month after its completion, remember to regularly use SPF 50 creams

Physical activity should be avoided for 72 hours after the procedure

Treatments using fillers, electrolysis and hair removal should not be performed in the area where the treatment was performed for at least 5 days.


Pregnancy or breastfeeding (does not apply to antioxidant therapy for dull skin)
Tanning in a solarium and using self-tanners in the last 7-10 days
Plastic surgery procedures within the last 2 months
Herpes, bacterial and viral diseases in the treatment area
Aesthetic medicine treatments (fillers, threads, fractional laser) in the last 2 months
Allergies to any of the ingredients

Reduction of hyperpigmentation Krakow

Struggling with bothersome hyperpigmentation? Check out the PCA Skin therapeutic treatment at Arcadia Clinic Krakow. Modern treatment with specialised products is the way to reduce hyperpigmentation!

The PCA Skin therapeutic treatment is the method for those wishing to reduce the discolouration that occurs on the face. The individually selected therapy helps to eliminate the problem of hyperpigmentation, leaving the skin calmed and soothed. Specially selected active ingredients calm inflammation and guarantee an even skin tone.

Skin care treatments Krakow

Looking for a safe treatment to help restore a healthy glow to your complexion? Discover a series of treatments with PCA Skin products at Arcadia Clinic Krakow.

PCA Skin therapeutic treatments offer a range of treatments that address the concerns of every skin type. If you’re struggling with acne, grey, polluted skin that lacks radiance, enjoy therapeutic treatments with PCA Skin products at Arcadia Clinic Krakow. Bespoke treatments are guaranteed to improve the overall condition of your skin, leaving it soothed, thoroughly cleansed and hydrated. A PCA Skin therapeutic treatment is the perfect way to deeply care for your skin!

Reduction of wrinkles

Have the first wrinkles appeared on your skin? Check out the state-of-the-art PCA Skin therapeutic treatments at Arcadia Clinic. Specially selected treatments will bring satisfactory results for every skin type.

The PCA Skin therapeutic treatment is a non-invasive and safe method to reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone. Individually tailored to your skin’s needs, the therapy achieves long-lasting results by reducing wrinkles and fine lines and evening out skin tone and texture. PCA Skin treatments protect the skin from external factors, providing it with the antioxidants it needs, leaving it smooth and radiant.