Fat reduction - effective ways

Excess body fat adversely affects our health, wellbeing and psychological wellbeing and is a problem faced by more than half of the population. Often, even despite leading a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly, fat tissue is unevenly distributed over the body. If this is the case, it is worth reaching out to aesthetic medicine and cosmetology treatments.

The team at the Arcadia Clinic aesthetic medicine and cosmetology practice in Kraków consists of qualified specialists who will effectively guide you through treatments for excess body fat. During a free holistic consultation, they will propose a personalised therapy that fully addresses your needs.

Slimming treatments at Arcadia Clinic Krakow

Arcadia Clinic services can be used by anyone who wants to take care of their figure. Our qualified team will guide you through the fat reduction process in a safe and non-invasive manner. The treatments we offer are performed using modern technology, such as cryolipolysis, magnetic stimulation, radiofrequency wave or acoustic wave.

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What is adipose tissue?

Adipose tissue is a type of connective tissue located mainly in the subcutaneous layer. Numerous metabolic processes take place in it, such as the Krebs cycle, glycolysis, lipogenesis and lipolysis. Adipose tissue has many useful protective functions in the body.

Types and functions of adipose tissue

There are different types of this tissue in the human body. We distinguish between brown, white and pink adipose tissue.

Brown tissue (BAT)

received its name due to the characteristic colour of the mitochondria. Its function is to generate heat and maintain a constant temperature. The content of this tissue in the body can increase in the event of unfavourable weather conditions (e.g. during frost).

White tissue (WAT)

stores energy, which is used during periods of increased demand. It is the most common type of adipose tissue and is found in the body in greater quantities than other fatty tissues.

Pink tissue (PAT)

is formed during pregnancy and breastfeeding. These fat cells are involved in milk production.

Adipose tissue also exists in the form of spare and essential fat.

Spare fat

is deposited in the body in subcutaneous form or around the organs in the form of fat cells. It provides energy and is consumed all the time.

Basic fat

concerns internal organs such as the liver, heart and kidneys. Its main function is protection and insulation.

Body fat standards

Body fat levels vary according to gender, age, diet and physical activity. Genetic predisposition also plays an important, but often overlooked, role. Body fat acts as an energy store.

Fat stores that are too low (less than 13%) lead to general weakness and, in the case of women, to menstrual failure. The correct body fat norm should be between 15-35%. Above this figure, we are faced with overweight and obesity, which are the cause of many serious diseases and a reduced quality of life.

Where is the fat deposited?

Fat is distributed in various parts of the body, but depending on a number of factors, there are areas where fat tissue is more readily distributed. Fat distribution has to do with individual conditions (e.g. genetics), or with dietary mistakes and diseases.

Belly fat may be related to the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol releases glucose into the blood. As a result of prolonged stress, blood sugar levels rise, leading to the accumulation of fatty tissue in the abdominal area.

Fatty tissue on the arms may indicate a deficiency in the necessary B vitamins. It is a good idea to introduce foods rich in protein, zinc and magnesium into your diet. Fat on the arms can also be a sign of hormonal problems such as insufficient testosterone levels in the body.

Fat on the hips, buttocks and thighs in excess accumulates mainly in women. It may indicate an increased amount of the hormone oestrogen in the blood.

Causes of excess body fat

Adipose tissue is essential and has a protective function. However, its excess leads to increased body weight, many illnesses and poorer well-being. The causes of fat accumulation are many and among the most common we can include:

– genetic conditions

– sedentary lifestyle

– unsuitable diet

– low physical activity

– hormonal disorders

– use of certain medications

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How do you get rid of unnecessary body fat?

Overweight and obesity are qualified as diseases that carry a considerable burden. In the case of significant body weight, the intervention of a doctor and a dietician is necessary. A visit to a specialist will help to establish an appropriate nutrition plan and ensure physical activity. Often, a blood test is also necessary to determine whether the excess fat has a hormonal basis.

Localised excess fat in the abdominal area, thighs, arms often persists on the body despite leading a relatively healthy lifestyle. In this situation, aesthetic medicine treatments are best suited to get rid of the problem in a concentrated manner.

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The best slimming treatments

When diet and a healthy lifestyle are not having the desired effect, it is worth visiting an aesthetic medicine clinic. A professional slimming treatment firms the skin and effectively eliminates excess fat. How do you decide on the one that will be most effective? It is worth contacting a specialist directly, who will assess the individual situation on the basis of a holistic approach and select the best treatment.

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Cryolipolysis involves the application of low temperature to fat tissue, which causes the fat cells to die naturally. An applicator is applied to the treatment area and sucks it in, cooling it intensely. The frozen fat cells are gradually eliminated and excreted from the body. Approximately 20-30% of fat cells are lost during one session.

Neuromuscular stimulation

Professional devices designed for fat reduction work, among other things, through neuromuscular stimulation. Concentrated electromagnetic energy is transmitted directly into the muscle tissue. It stimulates the muscles to maximum contractions (as many as 30,000/session) to activate the fat burning process. With this treatment, we can expect to tighten and strengthen muscles and reduce fat from the treatment area.

Radio waves

As a result of concentrated radio waves, the skin is heated up. The higher temperature speeds up the metabolism, so the body gets rid of fat more efficiently. The beneficial effect of the radio waves stimulates the body to work, which starts producing more collagen and elastin. Thus, in addition to fat reduction, the patient can expect skin rejuvenation and cellulite reduction.

Acoustic waves

Acoustic waves are an effective way to remove cellulite and localised excess fat. The power of the acoustic waves stimulates the tissues, accelerates cell metabolism and causes new blood vessels to form. The waves break up fat cells, improving skin tone and eliminating swelling by stimulating the bloodstream and lymphatic system.


Endermologie is a vacuum massage that affects the skin and subcutaneous tissues. The massage is non-invasive and is performed using a special head assisted by negative pressure. The specially designed device makes it possible to precisely achieve the goals of the treatment. Mechanical stimulation leads to the revitalisation of inactive fat tissue, activates its metabolism and stimulates the release of fat.

How to accelerate fat reduction?

Reducing body fat is one of the main goals associated with the weight loss process. However, weight loss is not a quick process and you have to wait a long time for the results you dream of.

When you have a problem with localised fatty tissue distribution, the so-called sides and rollers, it is worth reaching for the recommended aesthetic medicine treatments. Safe and non-invasive treatments will ensure spectacular results and you will be able to enjoy your dream silhouette in no time!

Excess fat reduction treatment at Arcadia Clinic Krakow

At the Arcadia Clinic aesthetic medicine and cosmetology practice in Krakow, you will find a range of effective treatments to help reduce excess body fat. During a free consultation, the specialist will take a detailed history of your health, your current figure and suggest the best treatment plan for it.

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