State-of-the-art Hi-Tech equipment at Arcadia Clinic aesthetic medicine and cosmetology clinic

At the Arcadia Clinic aesthetic medicine and cosmetology clinic in Krakow, we strive to meet all the expectations of our patients. To achieve this goal, we are assisted by modern Hi-Tech equipment used in a wide range of treatments. The best professionals working at the clinic will take care of every detail and perform the treatment tailored to your needs with the utmost accuracy and care.

Are you struggling with problems of cellulite, excess body fat or perhaps the first wrinkles are appearing on your face? Visit Arcadia Clinic in Krakow, where our specialists will help you choose the right treatment plan during a free holistic consultation. Our doctors develop their competence by participating in professional training courses using the most modern equipment for aesthetic medicine. As a result, you don’t have to worry about problems during your treatment.

medycyna estetyczna kosmetologia kraków

What equipment does Arcadia Clinc Krakow have?

Clinical and cosmetic treatments are now in high demand across the country and around the world. Modern aesthetic medicine and cosmetology offers versatile equipment used on various parts of the face and body in its services . The equipment that our specialists use in their work combats most of the problems that our clients come in with – from unpleasant complaints of unwanted fat accumulation to problematic scalps with a tendency to hair loss.

Harmony Baby Rejuve™ professional lasers

Lasers for the removal of any skin discolouration are widely used in aesthetic medicine clinics. Medical lasers allow to get rid of complaints related to skin discolouration, visible vessels or the appearance of erythema. The device emits a laser beam, which causes localised damage to our skin. This treatment effectively stimulates the body and subcutaneous layers. Arcadia Clinic’s range of treatments includes Alma Harmony Baby Rejuve™, which uses a specialised laser to improve skin tone.

Micro-needle radiofrequency

Aesthetic medicine and cosmetology offer treatments to achieve a lifting effect without the use of a scalpel. Treatment with the state-of-the-art Hi-Tech device – VIVACE RF can be performed all the time, regardless of the season. The device uses 36 micro-needles to locally puncture the treated skin. The needle tips are heated and LED light is emitted from them. The effect of the treatment is to stimulate the skin to regenerate and produce new collagen fibres. The device allows for the treatment of scars and addresses hair loss or loss of facial oval.

Exfoliation devices

An exfoliating device treatment is designed to draw away dead skin, unclog clogged pores and cleanse the facial skin. Aesthetic medicine treatments offered by Arcadia Clinic include a water peel using Zaffiro technology and a purifying DermaClear treatment.

During the Zaffiro Waterpeeling treatment, a special head works in two phases and, using a jet of air and water, effectively cleanses the complexion of any imperfections. This treatment is 100% safe and can be used all year round. The treatment is called a “banquet treatment”, which means that as soon as you leave the aesthetic medicine and cosmetology salon, you can return to your daily routine and your skin will be perfectly prepared for the upcoming occasion.

The effects of DermaClear are very similar to those obtained after a water peel. In the same way as above, it is referred to as a ‘banquet treatment’ because the recovery period is very short. The visit is divided into three phases. The first phase is the exfoliation of the dead skin with a special peeling preparation. In the second stage, a special DermaClear tip sucks out impurities found in the deep layers of the skin. The final stage is to moisturise and nourish the skin. The skin is visibly rejuvenated after the treatment.

Equipment emitting infrared waves

Patients are keen to choose treatments that are minimally invasive and after which they can immediately return to their daily activities. This is also the case after the Zaffiro Thermolifting treatment using infrared waves that penetrate the deep layers of the skin. This treatment is an ideal follow-up to the previously mentioned Zaffiro Waterpeeling treatment. The Zaffiro head is widely used to treat stretch marks, wrinkles or loss of skin firmness. During the treatment, a special head heats the dermis to 65°C. This occurs under the influence of the emission of long infrared waves selected individually to the patient’s skin. As a result, the collagen fibres shrink to their original length and the stimulated fibroblasts begin increased collagen production.

High-end deep massage devices

The future of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology is based, among other things, on treatments that are non-invasive and safe for patients, during which it is not necessary to use a scalpel or other needles that disturb the continuity of the skin. That is why in the Arcadia Clinic package you will find modern equipment used to massage the deep layers of the skin. In the offer of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology Arcadia Clinic you can find two treatments using massage equipment, they are GeneO® and LPG Alliance® Endermology.

GeneO® treatments are ideal for those wanting to achieve a nourished, radiant and healthy complexion before a special occasion. The treatment area is initially cleansed so that a layer of gel can be applied. This is followed by a massage with the GeneO® head. During the treatment, the device creates carbon dioxide bubbles to react with the capsules. After the treatment, the skin is better supplied with blood and enriched with the necessary nutrients.

Aesthetic medicine also offers body contouring and excess fat reduction treatments. LPG Alliance® endermologie is performed using a special “Endermowear” costume. During a vacuum tissue massage combined with vibrations, collagen and elastin production is stimulated. The effect is visible due to the suction force of the head and the movement of the rollers, which stimulate the skin and tissues, resulting in a reduction of fat deposits. The treatment is completely painless and non-invasive.

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The devices we use at Arcadia Clinic in Krakow are completely safe for our clients. The equipment selected by our specialists is recognised throughout Poland. High-quality equipment used in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology ensures the best skin firming and body shaping effect. If you are still wondering, make an appointment for a free holistic consultation, during which our experts will answer all your questions and select a therapy plan individually to your needs.

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